The Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickup gets a lot of attention for its durability and great interior features, but the capability features are what can really impress consumers. Take a close look at the capability of the Ram 3500 and you’ll know why you should be driving a Ram tough pickup.

Three Link Suspension

To begin with, the three-link front suspension makes the Ram 3500 capable of holding the road when other suspension systems can fail, and that’s one of the reasons the Ram 3500 can handle such a big towing and load capacity.

421 kg/ft Torque

The maximum ideal torque of 421 kg/ft from the Dodge Hemi V8 provides enough starting and acceleration power to enable it to tow 13,607 kg in a trailer, or the 3,333 kg of payload.

If you can believe just how much work the Ram 3500 can do, head down to your dealer for a test drive today.

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