When it comes to race-inspired automobiles, the automotive industry has its fair share of vehicles. The new Dodge Challenger is no exception to rule and for good reasons. Dodge offers multiple trim levels, and each trim has its own personality. Here's a better breakdown for some of the car's best features.

The new Dodge Challenger starts out by offering a ton of interior options. Consumers will love all of the embedded features. The front seats are loaded with popular features, including heated/ventilation functions. The front seats will also cradle your body much more effectively than other muscle cars' front seats. Five individuals can fit very well in the cabin. Trunk space and legroom are also above average. The available 4G LTE Wi-Fi provides internet access. You can easily stream your favorite tunes through the car's premium audio system. UConnect innovation, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth are available.

Visit our location today to test drive the new Dodge Challenger. You won't be disappointed.

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